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Ridge Gourd Subji Recipe

June 26, 2009 By: admin Category: Sidedish No Comments →


Ridge Gourd or Peerkangai or Beera Kaaya or dodka – 2

Onion – 2

Garlic – 4

Oil – 2 tsp

Mustard – 1 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp (depending on taste)

Turmeric- a pinch

Salt – to taste

Water – as required


1. Take a pan, add oil, mustard and allow it to pop.

2. Add onion and garlic, cook till it becomes pink.

3. Now add chopped ridge gourd(peel off the skin),turmeric and sprinkle water and keep it closed fow few minutes.

4. Add chilli powder, coriander powder and salt .

5. Mix well and allow it for some time.

Ridge Gourd or Peerkangai Sabji

Ridge Gourd or Peerkangai Sabji

Spicy and delicious ridge gourd subji is ready. Goes well with chapatis.

Note: Do check the taste of the ridge gourd while cutting them. Some ridge gourd might taste bitter. In that case, please do not use them.

Brinjal Drumstick Masala Recipe

June 23, 2009 By: admin Category: Sidedish No Comments →


Drumstick – 2 cups

Brinjal Sliced – 2 cups

Onion Sliced – 2

Garlic – 2

Chilli Powder – 2 tsp

Coriander Powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp

Mustard – 1/2 tsp

Oil – 3 tsp

Salt – to taste

Water – as required


1. Take a tawa, heat oil and add mustard, onion and garlic.

2. Leave for few mins until raw flavor fades.

3. Now add brinjal and drumstick and sprinkle water and leave it to cook.

4. Once vegetables are cooked, add turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder and salt.

5. Mix well and leave it for 5 mins.

Brinjal Drumstick Masala

Brinjal Drumstick Masala

This spicy masala can be served with rice.

Tomato Gravy Recipe

June 20, 2009 By: admin Category: Sambar/Gravy No Comments →


Tomato – 1/4 kg or 4-5 nos

Madras onions or Small onions – a small cup

Garlic – 5 – 10

Ginger – 2 inches piece

Green Chilli – 2

Red Chilli – 4

Pottu kadalai or fried gram dhal – 2 tsp

Coconut scrapings – 2 tsp

Cinnamom(pattai) -two small pieces

Clove (Lavangam)- 2

Poppy seeds (kasa kasa) – 1 tsp

Fennel seeds( Sombu or perunjeeragam) – 1 tsp

Oil- 6 tsp

For seasoning:

Mustard -1 tsp

Channa and urad dhal – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – to garnish

Salt – to taste


1. Take a tawa, add little oil and fry red and green chilli; onion; tomato; ginger and garlic; clove, cinnamom, fennel seeds and poppy seeds; coconut scrapings and fried gram, each separately.

2. Allow it to come to room temperature.

3. Now grind all the ingredients to a fine paste adding little water.

4. Now take a tawa, heat 2 tsp oil and add mustard, urad, channa dhal and curry leaves.

5. Add the grinded gravy and add salt.

6. Allow it to boil for 5 mins and serve hot.

Tomato Gravy

Tomato Gravy

This serves as a best side dish for blank items like idli, dosa and rice. This gravy will taste spicy.

Spicy Easy Pasta Recipe

June 16, 2009 By: admin Category: Breakfast/Easy tiffin No Comments →


Pasta – 2 cups

Tomato – 1

Onion – 1

Soy Sauce – 1 tsp

Tomato Sauce – 2 tsp

Green Chilli Chopped – 2 or Chilli sauce – 1/2 tsp

Water – as required

Salt – as required

Curry leaves – to garnish

Vegetable Oil – 1 tsp


1.Cook the pasta in sufficient water and drain the water.

2. Take a pan, add oil and saute chopped onion, tomato and green chilli.

3. When the raw flavor fades, add tomato, soy sauce and salt.

4. Add the coked and drained pasta and mix well and leave it for few mins.

Spicy Easy Pasta

Spicy Easy Pasta

5. Garnish with Curry leaves and serve hot.

It can be serve as an easy breakfast in the morning or as a evening tiffin for kids.

Plaintain Kootu Recipe

June 12, 2009 By: admin Category: Sambar/Gravy No Comments →

Vazhakai Kootu or Vazhakai Poricha Kootu or Plantain Kootu


Plaintain or raw banana – 2

Black eyed peas – 1 cup

Grated Coconut – 3 tsp

Red Chilli – 4

Coriander seeds – 1 1/2 tsp

Channa Dhal – 2 tsp

Coconut Oil – 1 tsp

Mustard, oil, urad dhal – 1 tsp each

Salt – to taste

Tamarind – a small piece

Turmeric – a pinch

Asafoetida – a pinch

Water – as required

Curry leaves – to garnish


1. Remove the skin and clean the plaintain and keep them chopped.

2. Do not leave it outside in air as it will turn black. Always cut the raw banana and place them inside water.

3. Get the black eyed peas or the white kaaramani cooked.

4. Take a tawa, add little oil and fry channa dhal, coriander seeds, red chilli and curry leaves.

5. Get them grinded along with coconut and asafoetida into a fine paste adding little water.

6. Add little water and prepare tamarind juice.

7. Take a tawa, add plantain and add sufficient water to get it cooked.

8. Add tamarind juice when its half cooked and add turmeric and kaaramani and mix well.

9. Leave it for few mins and add the grounded paste along with salt and allow it to boil for few seconds.

Vazhakai Kootu

Vazhakai Kootu

10. Garnish with coconut oil and roasted mustard and urad dhal.

Note: Make sure the kootu is in a gravy consistency. If needed add little water while mixing the grinded paste.

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